Welcome from the Attorneys at the Medvei Law Group, APC

The Medvei Law Group, APC, is a full-service law firm located in Los Angeles, California. Recognized as preeminent attorneys in the Southern California region, the Medvei Law Group, APC, combines over 19 years of successful representation of our clients, with innovative strategies, cross-practice approaches, and world-class experience. Using a broad perspective and deep knowledge of the law, our attorneys excel at developing legal solutions that deploy the appropriate resources at the right time, and in the most cost-effective manner. Founded upon simple, yet fundamental core values, the firm is committed to providing its clients with uncompromised integrity and the highest quality individualized and personal service.

A unique perspective

At the Medvei Law Group, APC, we understand the difficult legal issues that arise within a complex and uncertain economy. We address legal matters across disciplines, industries, and national boundaries to anticipate these difficult issues and develop innovative solutions. Our team of attorneys has the exceptional ability to navigate clients through the most complex legal frameworks; drawing upon our backgrounds and experiences. By seamlessly sharing insight and expertise, we set ourselves apart from other lawyers through our tremendous strength in diverse areas of practice. This diversity allows us to create novel solutions and deliver practical advice of the highest caliber, allowing us to serve our clients’ best interests with a uniquely interdisciplinary problem solving approach.

Client centered service

Our Los Angeles attorneys strive to provide clear information and efficient support from a unique and personal perspective. We help individuals and businesses understand the legal requirements and the accompanying processes. Through a comprehensive consultation process, we empower our clients to be informed and to become full participants in their case. Legal procedure can be particularly daunting, and we always devise strategies that take our clients short and long-term goals into account, providing them with the confidence that their case is being handled by an attorney who understands their particular needs and knows the law.

Broad knowledge and application of the law

Keeping in line with our philosophy and core principles, our attorneys are well-versed in various facets of California and Federal law, including Immigration Law, Family Law, Bankruptcy Law, Litigation, Business Law, Criminal Law, and Appellate Practice. With a deep understanding of the complex issues that arise within these different fields and the interplay across different practice areas (for example, the relationship between accepting a plea bargain and the likelihood of being deported; or, the relationship between labor laws and immigrant visas) we are confident in our ability to offer a creative and effective solution to nearly all of our clients’ legal issues.

Excellent results and relentless representation

We have a strong desire to use our legal training and skills to help our clients achieve their goals and a track record to prove it. If you need legal assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at 213-984-4013 to schedule a consultation with one of the lawyers at our office, located in the heart of Los Angeles.